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Welcome to Rubber Soul Yoga, a community based yoga studio in Athens, GA.  It is our mission to create a safe and welcoming space where individuals, regardless of age, weight, religion, race, education, experience, or even flexibility can learn and maintain a personal yoga practice. 


Our instructors volunteer their time in the spirit of Karma Yoga; serving for the benefit of others. Through shared goals and experience, we strive to create a greater sense of connection within ourselves and throughout our city.


Our classes are all drop-in format, with no pre-registration or contracts required. Our payments are scaled, so that price isn’t a barrier to attendance. We request a $10 donation per class, which maintains our space and covers our operating expenses, however, we will accept whatever amount you are able to give within the context of your personal financial situation. In addition, we offer a $75 monthly membership for unlimited yoga.


Our schedule includes classes for whatever you are hoping to find, from vigorous flow, to alignment based offerings, to deep restorative classes.  Our instructors are well versed in educating new students as well as challenging and renewing students with a regular practice.  So whether it is your first class or your 500th, our instructors will provide you with a meaningful, modern sequence, expertly delivered.


Our studio boasts new and plentiful high end props, mats, and equipment to enrich your yoga practice and our classes are taught in a beautiful studio space with high ceilings and natural light.


All are welcome at Rubber Soul, and our yogis are made up of a diverse group of folks from many different walks of life, backgrounds and orientations. Our yogis look like UGA students discovering their new home in the Classic City.  Your neighbor who works in a shop downtown. The person serving you a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant. The long time native Athenian recovering from an injury. An older person using yoga to maintain bone density and mobility. Artists and makers from all across the spectrum looking to a yoga practice for inspiration and sustenance in their creative process. Mothers trying to take care of themselves so they can take care of their children. Folks looking for techniques to manage anxiety and depression. Rubber Soul Yogis look like your community. Come and see what we can build together.


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Rubber Soul Yoga Collective

675 Pulaski St. 1400

Athens, GA 30601

Email: rubbersoulcollective@gmail.com

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675 Pulaski St., Suite 1400, Athens, GA 30601

Email: rubbersoulcollective@gmail.com

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