Meg Brownstone

Meg strives to teach classes that are challenging but accessible to all levels of practitioner (even students who have never taken a yoga class before).

Meg's Tuesday morning Hatha yoga class will focus on centering the mind and body in the present moment. The students will be lead through a slow flow of postures using detailed instruction designed to create a full body experience. (No music) 


Meg's Wednesday evening Hatha yoga class will feature an energetic flow designed to invigorate the middle of your week. Meg will instruct the continual sequence of postures with detailed alignment instruction, giving the practitioner a full body experience. (No music) 

Read Meg's YOGA Bio below.

What training impacts your yoga teaching?


I completed my RYT 200hr teacher training certificate in 2012. My initial training was in the now bygone technique of Anusara (an american yoga style with roots in the Iyengar tradition). Anusara was a great system of yoga practice but like many yoga traditions it met a swift end when faith in the system’s founder collapsed. Having been involved with Anusara at this time and witnessed the disenchantment of a global yoga community, I am wary of adhering to any teaching that resembles dogma. Instead I am open to learn and derive inspiration from a wide array of yoga styles and teachers. Locally Shannon Ball, Chet Thomas, Cal Clements, Debi Colman Garrett, Jolin Conine, SJ Ursrey, and Jason Wurnig have all been teachers who have greatly inspired me and impacted my teaching. 


What is your favorite thing about yoga practice and teaching?


When I first began practicing yoga asana (around the same time I moved to Athens in 2008) I was struck by just how great it felt. I have always been a physically active person (being involved in sports and frequenting the gym) but before it started doing yoga I did not approach exercise as a way to enjoy my body. Not only did I like the way I felt after a yoga class, but I loved the way I felt during the practice. 


Eventually, I was inclined to take a teacher training just because I wanted to do more yoga. At the time I wasn’t sure I was ready to look outside myself in order to teach, but I tried it anyway. Now I can honestly say that I love teaching. When I am teaching I experience the power of being present in a unique way and I love to share that with my students. 


What is your favorite thing about being part of a yoga community?


One thing I was apprehensive about in becoming a yoga teacher was that I didn’t feel like I was a particularly friendly person. I thought it would be hard to show up to class and be nice to people if I was in a bad mood. What I appreciate about being part of a yoga community (especially the Rubber Soul yoga community) is the general sense of respect everyone shares for one another. There is an unspoken understanding among people in a yoga class: we all elected to be here and we are all trying to do something positive for our own self-improvement. When I did start teaching I realized that I can always treat the students in my classes with respect even when I’m not feeling “nice.” 


What do you like to do outside of yoga?


Outside of yoga? There is no outside of yoga! Just kidding. I like doing lots of things: drawing, crafting, socializing, baking, working-out, biking, eating, watching tv, sewing, thrifting, reading, event planning, traveling, podcasting, I even kind of like cleaning sometimes, but my favorite thing to do is spend time with my family and close friends. 

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