"adventure cLub"
yoga teacher training
 spring 2019

200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified

Rubber Soul Yoga Revolution, Athens, GA

last updated 2.15.18

This page offers a general picture of Adventure Club for those interested in enrolling for 2019. Enrollment will begin around Summer 2018.

Spring 2019
Dates: TBA
currently enrolled:

Charting and other assignments begin Jan 1 for Spring 2019.

This is a four-month training that meets intensively twice a month. The program has a strong commitment to ahimsa (the first yama of the Ashtanga system) which forms the focus of the books, films, discussions, and lifestyle practices of the yogis enrolled in the program. Students chart daily in order to record efforts made to be healthy, happy, and compassionate. Workshops in yoga asana will deepen the understanding of anatomy and alignment. Practicums will give students practice teaching yoga, with close feedback. The program hopes to train yogis to teach from inspired energy, as a result of leading an exemplary life and being open to impulse and play. Finally, this training is quite possibly the least expensive on the Planet Earth.

location & commuting
The sessions will take place at Rubber Soul Yoga Revolution, 675 Pulaski St, 1400, Athens, GA, which is very near downtown Athens. We've set up the program so that it is an efficient commute. Each weekend begins Friday night and ends Sunday afternoon. You may sleep over in the yoga studio. Participants in the past have come from Atlanta, Jefferson, Lagrange, Lawrenceville, Madison, Monroe, Clemson, and Jacksonville.

who should attend?
Those who wish to deepen their experience of the benefits of yoga are encouraged to enroll in this program. Consider joining if you are curious about how your life would feel with greater disciplined conduct in areas of health, spirituality, and kindness. A big part of the program is about training new yoga teachers. The workshops will investigate asana (yoga poses) and human anatomy in detail. Students may register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200 upon completion of the program.

If you have already completed a yoga teacher training, you are welcome to enroll in Adventure Club. It is likely that you'll be exposed to a different set of ideas and experiences such that your yoga practice and teacher abilities will deepen.

teacher practicums
All students on the teacher track must attend bi-weekly Friday night practicums, from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. You will be given multiple assignments to teach short classes, followed by detailed feedback. Bring a notepad.

Students will attend 8 yoga classes outside of our meetings in order to gain breadth. The assignment is to explore a wide variety of yoga types and research their lineages. Meditation classes count.

the schedule & absences
In order to meet the Yoga Alliance standards for certification, we have to meet for many hours. Since we'll run late Saturday night and begin early Sunday morning, you can sleep over, kind of like a church lock-in. But, in this case, if you prefer to head home (maybe you live very near), that would be fine too.

Attendance is mandatory to all the weekend sessions. However, reality does not always behave. Emergencies, illness, and random events can set us off track. If you miss a workshop, then you are honor-bound to make it up in some way. This could mean getting together with fellow yogis... or some other approach. You can schedule a one-on-one session with the program director to go over the missed work at $75 per hour. This is an option, not a requirement.

Lateness, early exits, and absences will be recorded irrespective of the reason for the lost time. This then affects your discount for the second fee payment (see below). Try to be timely!


7:00-9:30 pm
Teacher Practicums
9:30-10:00 pm
Teaching Methodology and Feedback

8:00-10:30 am
 Workshop A
10:30-11:30 am

Quick book test, then discuss book that was seen during the break between bi-monthly sessions
11:30-12:30 am
Reports on yoga class taken
12:30-1:30 pm
Prep a giant salad & Eat while discussing the assigned film
1:30-3:30 pm
Street Yoga
3:30-4:00 pm
Break and prep dinner
4:00-6:30 pm
Workshop B
6:30-8:00 pm
Eat dinner & Go over the Big Medicine Hat charts & Discuss practicing an ethical lifestyle
8:00-9:00 pm
Guided Meditation and Chanting
9:00-10:30 pm
Quiet time and sleeping
8:00-9:30 am
Sea of OM: Chanting and meditation
10:00-11:30 am
Street Yoga
11:30-12:00 pm
Eat oatmeal/granola
& discuss film
12:00-3:00 pm
Workshop C

the chart
Everyone will work off the same chart. It encourages daily health and kindness practices, with the goal of making new habits. Here's the chart and the rules for how to score it.

The essential rule: Record the day's behaviors at the end of each day. In special cases, you can do so first thing the next morning. If you miss/forget, then no points are awarded for that day. No retroactive scoring is allowed. In other words, if you don't chart for a few days, you can't go back and estimate.

 book and film list
We will read six to eight books in the course of the training. The rate of reading is roughly one book per two weeks. There will be a written quiz to check reading comprehension. Note that the books are checked out to you. You don't have to buy them, unless you want to.

The book list may vary for different Adventure Clubs. Here's five books that we have read in the past:

During the training you are to watch 8 films at home with two friends or family memmbers. After the film, have a discussion. Then write up the discussion, reporting on everyone's reactions, and send that to the program director via email.

We will also watch films during the weekend sessions. The topics will range from anatomy to nutrition/disease prevention, spirituality, and the effects of human activity on the Planet Earth. We won't watch Earthlings since it is so upsetting. You are welcome to watch it on your own--it is a great motivator to live a life of greater kindness.

the director
Dr. Cal Clements is the director of training. He opened Rubber Soul in 2006 and, since then, has clocked in well over 4000 hours of yoga teaching. His style of yoga is based on Ashtanga, the power yoga from Mysore, India, but he also attends closely to the Ashtanga of the eight limbs of yoga starting with the yama of ahimsa (non-harming of all creatures). He hopes to make the world a more peaceful place. His classes combine philosophical and historical insight (He holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Buffalo). He has taken workshops in yoga from Jason Brown, Shiva Rae, Desiree Rambaugh, Steve Ross, Dharma Mittra, Richard Freeman, Tias Little, Chuck Miller, David Swenson, Doug Swenson, Jason Crandell, Glenn Black, and Sally Kempton. His certification in Ashtanga yoga comes from Downward Dog in Toronto where he studied under Ron Reid and Diane Bruni. He is authorized to teach Kundalini Yoga by Sierra Hollister.

"This training is important to me because it gives me a chance to share ALL the details and reasons behind my vision of total health and total yoga. It's not the kind of thing I can transmit in regular classes. I am so appreciative of the people who decide to take time out to follow me on this journey. I do my best to convince everyone to jump in and be their top self--and thereby teach yoga." --Cal Clements

Instead of one tuition rate of $2-4K, which is typical for yoga teacher trainings, we have two payments. The first is discounted.  The second is based on your performance in the program.  The more of it you do--and the better you do it--the lower the payment.

 There is an application fee of $108 that is refundable if you are not selected to join the program.

Many materials of the program, such as books, are checked out to you at no cost. Food is a collaboration which ought to cost you about $8-14 per weekend.

Fees for 2019 are TBA. Here's what they were for 2018:

Spring 2018 Fees
Due Date of First Payment
First Payment Amount
The Maximum "possible" Second Payment
Earliest Bird
Last day of September
Early, early, Bird
Last day of October
Early Bird
Last day of November
Last day of December
Late Bird
The day we begin

*The second payment may be reduced by up to 100% based on performance during the training.

Here are the exact details: Attendance is minus 1% per hour missed (for any reason) (x2 for Practicum hours and graduation). Tardies are minus 1% (tardy is being late to any session). Book Quiz Grade: This will be 8 essays written to demonstrate reading knowledge of the book assigned. They are scored 1-4, with 4 being "reading comprehension demonstrated," and 3 being "some reading knowledge," and 2 being "hard to tell how closely you read," and 1 being "no reading knowledge but thanks for writing." It shouldn't be too hard to get all 4s, but if you were to get all 3s, that would be minus 8%. Film reports and yoga write-upsThese are scored 1-4 (minus 3% per point lost) and due the Thursday night before the bimonthly meetings by 12 midnight. If late, it is minus 3% per day. Chart scores: It is minus 1% if not charting that day, .5% between 1-9, .4% between 10-19, .3% between 20-29, .2% between 30-39, .1% between 40-49. Finally there is the possiblity of receiving a "thunderbolt." This is minus 1% for doing things that are not allowed, like checking the cell phone during meditation or talking in sections when you're supposed to be focusing. If you receive no discount, then you haven't completed enough of the program to graduate.

Notification regarding your performance discount will be received about three weeks before the payment is due.
Please keep a playful spirit about this payment, since normally yoga trainings would charge you this amount or more. While it would be marvelous to receive the full 100% discount, it would be less stressful to expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars due to unforeseen circumstances. Still, everyone is encouraged to strive to earn the full discount. 

Late payments are subject to a $20/day late fee.

If you resign your place in the program before it has begun, a percentage of your first payment may be refunded to you. That percentage is equal to one percentage point per day remaining before the program begins PLUS 25 (up to 100%).  Your application fee is not refunded. For example, if a life problem comes up and you drop out 10 days before we start, you would get 10 + 25 = 35% of your first payment back.

If you drop out of the program once it has begun--for any reason including aspects of life that are outside of your control--your first payment is forfeit. Your application fee, however, is refundable upon return of all materials. 


Once you have met all the requirements of the teacher track, you will receive certification as a yoga teacher at the 200-hour level. This program is registered wtih Yoga Alliance, which is the nationally recognized agency that provides standards for yoga training. At the graduation ceremony you will receive a diploma. Students on the lifestyle track will receive a different diploma that honors their participation.

Completion of Adventure Club does not necessarily result in a teaching spot at Rubber Soul. While we are open to new teachers and we prefer teachers that have trained with us, that is a separate process. In other words, we have enough teachers right now so don't expect to automatically be placed on the schedule.

ok, i want to do this

Enrollment is not yet open.

When at all possible, be expansive in your answers. Treat the application as an essay rather than a short answer test. You may print out your answers or hand-write. Bring or mail (not email) the application along with the application fee ($108) to Rubber Soul. If you are not accepted, then the fee will be returned to you. Otherwise you will be enrolled in the program.


Phone number:
Email address:
Mailing address:

When and how did you come to yoga?
Describe your yoga practice (years of, frequency of, style, intentions, etc):
Discuss your health and physical issues:

Discuss your diet, issues with food, and intentions for nutrition and ethics of eating:
How do you feel about holding (or trying to hold) a vegan diet throughout the course of the training?
Discuss your relationship to legal or illegal drugs:

Are you smoking or drinking? (If yes, describe and explain.)
How does yoga relate to your spiritual life?

When you consider enrolling in this program, what difficulties to you envision?
If you are selected to join the training, are you willing to see it through to the end even if difficulties arise?

mail/bring application and check/cash to
Dr. Cal Clements

595 Nantahala Ave
Athens, GA 30601

note about enrollment
A minimum of 10 students is needed for the program to occur. If less than 10 sign up, then, at the director's discretion, the training will be rescheduled and all funds refunded.

Questions may be sent to calclements(at)gmail(dot)com